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Stay Ageless
With Angel Face

Don’t let age be a hindrance to your beauty. Let the former Mrs Singapore International guide you on the best ways to resolve skin problems, keep up to date on beauty trends and understand the best facial products for your skin.

With Over 2 Decades’ Worth Of Experience, Angeline’s Customised Beauty Treatment Will Help You…

Regain Your Youth

Our anti-aging treatment and products will help you stay young and refreshed, ready to face the world.

Master Your Skin

With our premium and personalised products and treatment, you will master your skin type.

Regain Your Youth

We will help to improve your complexion with a wide range of unique solutions.


Angel Treatment

BeautyGen (Light) Therapy / Hydra Perfection / Calm Perfection / Pure Equalizer / White Science / Lift Creator / Age Method / Prodigio C40 / Procellular 365

Face Treatment

Anti-Aging Skin Treatment / Moisturizing, Nurturing & Balancing Treatment / Acne Skin Treatment / Vital Add Ons

Body Treatment

Body Therapy / Body Treatment / Body Polish & Scrub

IPL / LHE Treatment

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) / LHE (Light Heat Energy) / Hair Removal / Skin Rejuvination / Acne Clearance

Raindrop Therapy

Essential Oil-based Reflexology / Aromatherapy / Vita Flex Technique

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