Top 5 Skincare Trends for 2021 – What You Must Try!

Wondering what are the latest skincare trends for 2021? Here are the top 5 skincare products and treatments you need to try this year!
February 5th, 2021

Skincare trends change every year, and you need to be updated to offer the best to your skin. In 2021, we bid goodbye to the one size fits all philosophy and shift focus to customized skincare solutions. Busy women require skincare products that show quick and long-lasting results. Hence, the skincare trends for 2021 focus on this need. Here are some of the top skincare trends for this year that you must try out!

#1 Mask Acne Treatment

Masks became a mandate in 2020 and will be a part of our lives in 2021 too. Unfortunately, they brought an unprecedented skincare concern with them, which is maskne, or mask acne. While wearing masks might be unavoidable for the next few months, the focus of skincare has shifted to mask acne treatment.

What Causes Mask Acne?

Mask acne or maskne is caused by clogged pores. When you wear a mask for several hours, it traps humidity and sweat near your skin. This, along with the oil produced by your skin, congests the pores. The congestion then leads to bacterial growth and acne. If you notice more frequent breakouts than usual on your cheeks and chin, they are probably maskne.

How To Prevent Mask Acne?

The best way to prevent mask acne is to wear a mask with an inner lining of a breathable fabric like cotton. If your mask is of the washable variety, wash it with a mild soap after every use. Also, cleanse your face thoroughly before and after using a mask and avoid wearing makeup under the mask.

What Is the Best Mask Acne Treatment?

The best mask acne treatment includes anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. The Angel Face Skin Clearing Emulsion is an excellent topical product for maskne. It controls oil production and exfoliates the skin to prevent and heal mask acne. You can also visit our salon for effective treatments to deal with severe acne.

#2 Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

While topical treatments work well for acne, you need in-salon treatments to get rid of acne scars quickly. Hence, laser treatment for acne scars is one of the top skincare trends in 2021.

Is Laser Treatment for Acne Scars Effective?

In laser treatment for acne scars, light is focused on the top layers of the skin. The light energy from the laser breaks down the scar tissue and encourages faster cell renewal. Therefore, laser therapy is an effective treatment for acne scars.

Is Laser Treatment for Acne Scars Safe?

Laser treatment for acne scars is considered completely safe. LHE therapy is an even safer alternative because it uses heat and light energy to remove scar tissue. Hence, LHE therapy uses a lower energy source of light. Angel Face offers FDA-approved pulsed green light LHE therapy for acne scar removal in Singapore.

#3 Chemical Peels for Pigmentation

How to get rid of pigmentation is one of the top skincare queries on every woman’s mind. In 2021, the skincare trends will focus on using chemical peels to remove blemishes caused by ageing, acne, or sun damage. These peels come in the form of cleansers or masks that reduce pigmentation and dullness.

Are Chemical Peels Safe?

While the name chemical peel sounds scary, they are very safe when used correctly. These peels contain hydroxy acids that act as chemical exfoliants. They dissolve the bond between the face and the upper layer of dead skin. Additionally, chemical peels benefits include faster cell renewal and clearer skin. Furthermore, chemical peels are safer than gritty physical scrubs that can irritate the skin.

At-Home Chemical Peels vs. In-Salon Chemical Peels?

At-home chemical peels usually contain a lower concentration of exfoliants than in-salon treatments. On the other hand, in-salon chemical peels are more concentrated and offer faster results. If you wish to experience chemical peels benefits at home, try a peel with mild AHAs such as lactic acid. For more instant results, book an appointment on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen for a skin brightening treatment.

#4 Damaged Skin Barrier Repair for Ageing Skin

Skin barrier is the collective term for the outermost layers of the skin. It makes your skin look supple and youthful while protecting it from microbial infections and environmental damage. A healthy skin barrier has an acidic pH of around 5.5 and is marked by soft and smooth skin. You may not know this but maintaining your skin barrier is the best way to prevent ageing!

What Causes A Damaged Skin Barrier?

Ageing, pollution, over-exfoliation, and harsh cleansers can lead to a damaged skin barrier. If your skin is looking extremely dry and flaky, you are probably suffering from a damaged skin barrier. Similarly, redness and sensitivity can be signs of a damaged barrier.

Best Treatment for Damaged Skin Barrier

The skincare trends for 2021 focus on different products to repair a damaged skin barrier. For instance, pH-balanced mild cleansers, ceramide moisturizers and hyaluronic acid serums help improve barrier health. Angel Face also offers the most effective in-salon facial treatments for damaged skin barriers. Book your appointment for a skin rejuvenation facial today!

#5 Custom Skincare for Targeted Solutions

Don’t just pick up any product from the skincare aisles! Skincare trends for 2021 focus on personalized skincare. This makes complete sense because everybody’s skin is different and requires different formulations. Now, you get the freedom to use custom skincare that suits your requirements to the tee!

What Does Custom Skincare Mean?

Custom skincare means products and treatments hand-picked to fit your skin’s health profile. The skincare brand or salon first determines your skin type using a skin quiz and in-person examination. The skincare experts then recommend the right combination of products and treatments to tackle your skin concerns.

The Best Personalized Skincare Treatments

Angel Face offers the best personalized skincare treatments in Singapore. With decades of experience, our skincare experts understand your skin and offer it the professional attention it needs. Our best-in-class treatments will cater to all your skin needs, to make your skin healthy, glowing and youthful!

No matter what your skin concerns are, the skincare trends for 2021 have the right solution for you! To experience the best skincare treatments in Singapore for acne, ageing or any skin concern, schedule an appointment via Whatsapp with our founder and former Mrs Singapore International Ms Angeline Lim today! Online bookings will be entitled to a 50% discount on all services!

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