Step-by-Step Guide To Using Skin Analysis Software For Better Skin!

Skin analysis tools combine technology and skincare to offer customized skin solutions. Here is how you can use them to get flawless skin!
February 26th, 2021

Skin analysis tools are one of the biggest beauty trends of 2021. These tools range from image-analysis software to handheld devices that help you identify your skincare needs. The skincare trends this year focus on customized products to address each individual’s skin concerns. Skin analysis tools make this customization easy and allow you to pick the best skincare regimen for your skin type. Our step-by-step guide on using skin analysis software will help you make the most of this latest beauty trend to achieve better skin!

What Are The Different Types Of Skin Analysis Tools?

Skin analysis tools comprise different software tools and handheld devices that analyze your skin. Using intelligent algorithms or sensors, these tools identify your skin type and major skin concerns. They may also suggest specific treatments to address the same. The latest skin analysis tools can broadly be classified into the following categories –

  • Skin Quizzes

Skin quizzes are online quizzes that ask you an exhaustive set of questions regarding your skin and lifestyle. Based on your responses, the intelligent software then identifies your skin type and offers customized skincare recommendations and tips. These quizzes are the quickest way to identify your general skin type and what products may work for you.

  • Image-Based Skin Analysis Software

This category of skin analysis tools scans an image of your face to identify your skin type and skin concerns. All you need to do is upload a high-resolution selfie to let the software analyze your skin. The tool will then list down your key skin concerns and offer you solutions to address the same.

  • Handheld Devices

Handheld skin analysis devices contain cameras or sensors to analyze the skin. You need to place them on different parts of your face so that the sensors can create your skin profile. As these devices analyze different layers of the skin, they usually provide more detailed information than software tools. However, they are more expensive than skin analysis apps.

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Why Do You Need Skin Analysis Tools?

Are skin analysis tools the need of the hour or just another skincare gimmick? Our vote is in their favour! Here is why these tools can be truly useful, especially for a busy woman like you!

Everybody’s skin is unique!

For decades, we have classified skin into 4 different categories – dry, normal, combination, and oily. However, in reality, everybody’s skin is unique and mapping it to one of these categories is just not fair. For example, oily skin can range from slightly oily to extremely oily, and can even have dry patches in certain areas. This is why you need customized skincare based on your exact skin type, which can be identified using skin analysis tools.

Different parts of your face may have different skin concerns

Different parts of your face may have different skincare needs and require different products. Skin analysis tools create a map of your face and identify what skincare products will work best for each part of your face.

Once you identify your skin concerns using skin analysis tools, you can order the products that match your skincare needs from Angel Skin’s extensive range. All this from the comfort of your home! Hence, this beauty trend truly simplifies the process of designing your skincare routine!

Step-By-Step Guide To Using Skin Analysis Software

Now that you know how skin analysis tools can help your skin, here is a step-by-step guide on using skin analysis software to get you started.

#1 Register Yourself On The App or Website

A simple online search will reveal the various skin analysis software and what they offer. Based on the kind of information you need, you can choose between free or paid online skin analysis tools. Once you have selected the software you want to use, simply download the corresponding app or register yourself on the tool’s website to get started. You may have to provide some basic information about yourself during the registration process. As soon as your account is live, you can start using the skin analysis tool.

#2 Take The Skin Quiz

Most skin analysis apps first collect some essential information about your skin and lifestyle through a quiz. The app will direct you to the quiz and will flash the necessary instructions on the screen. The skin quiz will typically have 10-20 questions with multiple choice answers to choose from. This will include questions on the texture of your skin, how your skin behaves through the day, and what your major skin concerns are. Be honest while selecting your answers, as it will directly impact the accuracy of the results.

#3 Upload A High-Resolution Image Of Your Face

Skin analysis software uses image processing algorithms to analyze your skin. Hence, the app will ask you to upload a high-resolution photo of your face. Take this picture in a well-lit area under diffused lighting. Make sure that your skin is bare and makeup-free. Also, turn off any beauty filters that your camera applies automatically on selfies. Once you have a high-quality image of your face where your skin texture is clearly visible, upload it on the app. The software will then analyze the image to identify your skin concerns.

#4 Download The Results To Customize Your Skincare Routine

Once you have completed all the steps listed above, the skin analysis software will take a few minutes to analyze your skin. It will then display the results that will mention your skin type, skin concerns, and recommended skincare products to address the same. Download these results to customize your skincare regimen accordingly with the right ingredients. Furthermore, you can visit Angel Face for targeted skincare treatments to address specific skin concerns identified by the software.

In addition to at-home skin analysis using software tools, in-person consultation with the skin experts at Angel Face can help you create a personalized skincare regimen. Using the latest technology, we offer the best customized skin treatments in Singapore to give you flawless skin. Book an appointment now to choose customized skincare solutions that will transform your skin!

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