Vital Add Ons

Neck treatment

Whitening – anti-oxidant serum and a whitening mask to achieve firming and whitening effect.
Maintenance – lavished by a lifting cream to reinforce the collagen tissue around the neck.
Intensive – intensive firming serum is used to lift and firm the neck, followed by a collagen-enriched mask.

Lightening Neck Treatment/ Lifting & Firming / Collagen & Hydration/ Double Chin Contour

Eye Treatment

Whether you have puffiness, fine lines or dark circles, we have the some fabulous treatment to combat your eye woes. Your eyes are the most expressive features on your face, and we’ve got customized treatment and product recommendations that will have them beaming just the way you want them to.

Eye Contour Treatment / Ultra Sound Eye Treatment / Collagen Eye Treatment / Tri Action Eye Treatment / Micro Cell Eye Treatment