Moisturizing, Balancing, Nurturing Treatment

These treatments help to increase skin’s hydration, moisture level, firmness and restore the natural balance of the skin. You will get a visibly smoother skin, these customized treatment counter areas of two-tone complexion and premature wrinkling with the use of non-invasive state-of-art procedures. Even if you have sensitive & fragile skin, these treatments will improve skin healing speed and also stabilize sensitized skin conditions drastically.

Hydrating facial treatment
Moisturize and soften skin for desired suppleness.

Sensitive facial treatment
Calm , soothe and strengthen sensitive and ultra sensitive skin. Irritations are calmed and soothed. Lasting comfort to very delicate skin.

Fragile Capillary facial treatment
Soothe red spots and lighten complexion by strengthening the capillaries and bring immediate relief to red patches.

Oxygenating facial treatment
For skin to regain its radiance, vitality and youthfulness. Cells is nourished and oxygenated to produce energy to activate our skin immunity.

Renewal facial treatment
Skin is deeply cleansed, a gentle micro-exfoliation helps to unclog pores, eliminate dead cells, skin is hydrated with a more refined and supple texture.

Purifying / clarifying
Regulate excess sebum and unclogs pores for a clear, matifying complexion.

Lifting / firming facial treatment
Smoothen light wrinkles, tissues are plumped and relaxed, reinforces tonality, skin is smoothed for a 3D re-densified effect.

Fruits acid activates cell renewal, refines open pores, improves skin’s smoothness and delay ageing process. Lighten pigmentation. Skin is radiant and texture is refined.

Vitamin C
An invigorating treatment of concentrated essence from fruits, with anti-oxidant multi-vitamins. The perfect antidote for tired, stressed skin. Skin is energised, glowing and radiant.

Revitalizing therapy
An ideal treatment for normal / combination skin. Regulate cellular metabolism, strengthen skin immune function to protect itself from free radicals.

Rejuvenating therapy
A must have treatment for dull, stressed skin. Skin cells is recharged with lots of vitamins and hydration. Skin becomes alive.

Gold mask facial treatment
Nano technology gold mask to restore that youthful look – skin is hydrated, ultra radiant, firm and wrinkles free.

DNA facial
Cells rejuvenating treatment with ampoules of papain enzyme  and peptide to reinforce skin immunity to achieve very healthy radiant and tone skin.

Pearl C facial
Stabilized concentrated vit C with pearl powder to achieve whitening, brightening and anti-oxidant effect .  Anti- oxidant effect prevents skin from ageing and pigmentation.