Body Therapy

Angel Face devotes its own special art of massage to your body. Our therapist’s trained fingers soothe and relax, filling your skin with a new breath of life. A skilled professional uses techniques exclusive to Angel Face, combining localized, gentle pressure with light sweeping strokes. These methods require attentive, stringent and continuous training. Performed by Expert hands that maintain constant contact. Get ready to slip into complete and utter relaxation. The subtle and tactile precision of the massage melds with the powers of our Signature Oil, rapidly inducing relaxation with amazing benefits.

Peace of the senses – relaxing herbal massage

– Relax and calm the senses with relaxing essential oils to alleviate fatigue and soften the skin.eace of the senses – relaxing herbal massage

Aroma Body swedish massage

– Soothing massage to improve overall circulation, removing toxins, for a relaxed and refreshing experience.

Aroma Shiatsu / accupressure massage

– Deep tissue massage, focusing on knotted area, effective in releasing ached and tensed body.

Hot stone massage

– Hot stone immersed in warm cococted essential oil to awake your senses, increase circulation and relief stress. You feel rejuvenated.