Body polish / Scrub

Recover radiance, vitality, soft, silky and revitalised skin. Starting with the exfoliating gestures using exfoliating fruit seeds, a unique blend of fruit powders, spices, essential oils and plant oils, this is a wonderfully sensory-stimulating ritual that chases away all sign of fatigue; exfoliating and enveloping techniques, follow by a back massage and gentle effleurage.

Sea salt

Deep exfoliation to remove thick layer of dead skin cells, soften your skin and your skin will shine.

Marine scrub

Mineral riched scrub to detoxify your skin whilst remineralizes your skin. Skin is softened and hydrated.

Ginger scrub

Ginger exfoliating balm for anti-inflammatory effect with delightful spicy notes of ginger. Skin is refined and softened.

Soft loofah

Gentle scrub for sun burn and delicate skin. Activates microcirculation and intercellular exchanges to refine and relax the skin.