Acne Skin Treatment

Detox Facial 

This is an effective acne clearing & skin balancing treatment for a cleaner, clearer & less oily skin

Acne Skin Renewal Treatment

This treatment is recommended for oily skin with lots of impurities/blemished/scarred skin with open pores, it helps to improve skin by preventing future breakouts and combating excessive oil production and secretion. It helps refining pores and improving the appearance of existing acne scars too.

Blemish Clearance Treatment 

This is an ultrasound deep tissue healing and skin purifying treatment. It helps deep penetration of skin clearing botanicals for clearer and smoother skin conditions.

Acne Clear Face Treatment 

This treatment helps to control and regulate the oil secretion to prevent future breakouts, get rids of skin impurities for a clearer and smoother skin. It also reduces skin inflammation and promote skin healing, excellent treatment for individuals with oily and congested skin conditions