Angel Treatment

Our signature Angel Treatment focuses mainly on beauty regeneration coupled with light therapy that will help you fight premature aging by focusing on combating free radicals, blemishes, wrinkles so that you can focus on fighting your battles in the boardroom or with your children and save time and money going from clinic to clinic getting painful jabs that don’t work.

  • Rejuvenates & renews
  • Proven effectiveness
  • Activates the skin’s regenerative properties
  • Supports skin repair & slows its aging process
  • Protection against extreme environmental stress, such as ozone or UV radiation
  • Very strong anti-oxidative effect
  • Improved elasticity & stimulation of collagen synthesis
  • Strengthened by the effect of anti-aging peptides
  • Extreme Hydro-Nourishing Treatment
Stimulates the physiological hydration mechanisms and restores the water reserves and nourishment in skin tissue.
  • Bio-revitalising Hydration And Nourishment Treatment
Revitalises facial skin, offering the correct amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen. Perfectly moisturized, nourished with firming action.
  • Calming Treatment
Good for sensitive, intolerant and reactive skin by giving immediate comfort and hydration.
  • Calming Anti-Redness Treatment
Good for irritated, inflamed and intolerant skin by giving immediate comfort and restoring the cutaneous layer of skin.
Equalising Balance
  • Purifying Treatment
Designed for impure skin prone to acne. This skin type has blackheads and whiteheads and is often characterized by the presence of inflamed papules and pustules.
  • Sebum Balancing Treatment
Designed for oily skin. This skin type is characterized by oily areas that often alternate with drier areas, giving the face a shiny appearance especially on the “T-zone”. This skin type tends to show visibly dilated pores.
Skin Whitening
  • Whitening Renew Treatment
Regulates melanin, evens out the skin tone and stimulating the mitochondria in your skin cells, making your complexion brighter, more radiant and more moisturised.
  • Whitening Science Treatment
Inspired from (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine, this treatment evens out your complexion, fights onset of hyperpigmentation, protects the skin from free radicals induced by the photochemical pollution and stimulating collagen synthesis to prolong skin youthfulness.
  • Intensive Lift Treatment
A new-generation lifting treatment to renew the skin, raise facial contours, correct wrinkles and re-densify tissues. Skin is renewed, lifted, more toned and firm.
Age Resistance
  • Total Youth Treatment
Dedicated for women who wish to fight signs of aging due to fatigue, jet lag, free radical exposure or hormonal changes.
Prodigio C40
  • Antioxidating Treatment
Reactivates the skin’s functionality and fights signs of fatigue and stress, such as blemishes, dehydration and fragile skin. It fights the formation of free radicals by encouraging the revitalization of the face, neck and décolleté.
Procellular 365
  • Procellular 365 Treatment
The 1st line of DIBI MILANO Dermobiotics, scientifically formulated for the regeneration and re-coding of the skin network. Skin is re-texturized, firmer and more even-looking, free from harmful toxins and more resistant to external aggressions.
  • Filler Treatment
New multi-functional formulas treat all types of wrinkles in a localized way: superficial or deep, depending on contraction and stress

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