Collagen Peptides: Best Anti-Ageing Skincare Product

Collagen peptides are trending skincare ingredients with anti-ageing benefits. Here is all you need to know to get rid of those wrinkles!
January 22nd, 2021

Collagen peptides might be the answer to the biggest skincare concern of every woman – ageing. Low collagen levels are the culprit behind those fine lines, sunspots, and saggy skin, which this magical ingredient repairs. You might know that collagen is the substance that makes our skin firm, elastic, and youthful. As we grow older, the collagen production in our body slows down. This shows up on the skin as fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides in skincare products encourage our body to generate more collagen and slow down ageing. In simple terms, they improve the structural strength of the skin and make it more youthful.

Due to these benefits, peptides are making their way into skincare products as well as in-salon treatments. Are peptides safe for your skin type? Should you jump onto the bandwagon of this new skincare trend? We have done the research to help you decide!

What Are Collagen Peptides?

Peptides or polypeptides are amino acids that are naturally present in our skin. Specifically, collagen peptides are the polypeptides that constitute collagen. On the structural level, collagen is a protein with three polypeptide chains. Hence, the topical application of these peptides encourages collagen production in the body. This is why peptides for skin benefits and anti-ageing is a trending skincare topic.

How Do Collagen Peptides Help The Skin?

When the body slows down its collagen production, the skin starts ageing, causing fine lines and wrinkles. To keep the skin looking youthful, you need to boost the collagen levels in your body. For this, you can either consume collagen supplements or can use products that encourage collagen production in the body. Collagen is naturally found in animal bones, and bone broth is a collagen-rich food recommended for ageing skin. If you are vegan or are uncomfortable consuming oral supplements, you will need topical products that boost collagen.

Unfortunately, the collagen molecule is quite large and does not penetrate the skin sufficiently when applied topically. On the other hand, collagen peptides are smaller and penetrate the skin to a deeper extent. These peptides enter the deeper layers of the skin and stimulate collagen production. Hence, topical collagen peptides form an excellent alternative to oral collagen supplements.

The Skincare Benefits of Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides can help with the following skin concerns –

  • Damaged skin barrier – Over-exfoliation and ageing can weaken the skin’s natural barrier that protects it against UV rays and infections. Peptides help to strengthen this barrier and reduce skin sensitivity.
  • Fine lines and Wrinkles – Peptides for skin reduce fine lines and wrinkles and make the skin elastic. They offer a firm and youthful appearance to the skin.
  • Inflammation – Peptides soothe the skin and reduce inflammation and blemishes. Some peptides also have anti-microbial properties and prevent skin infections.

Are Peptides Safe?

Peptides are anti-inflammatory ingredients that are found naturally in the human body. Hence, collagen peptides are considered safe for topical application, even in pregnant women. For the best results, you should use peptides with Vitamin C, Niacinamide, and other antioxidants that increase their efficacy. You should avoid using peptides with AHAs as they reduce each other’s efficacy.

What is EGF?

EGF or Epithelial Growth Factor is a trending anti-ageing skincare ingredient. It is a polypeptide with 53 amino acids that encourages the growth of epidermal and epithelial cells. By encouraging faster skin cell generation, it reverses the signs of ageing and makes the skin look supple and youthful. It boosts the production of collagen and elastin, reducing spots, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. So, if your skin has started showing the signs of ageing, is sensitive, or is losing its elasticity, an EGF serum can help you!

EGF vs. Retinol

Since retinol is a holy grail anti-ageing product for skincare enthusiasts, a lot of people compare EGF with Retinol. In terms of skin benefits, EGF and Retinol come pretty close. Both EGF and Retinol reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen production and reduce breakouts. However, Retinol sensitizes the skin and often causes redness and flaking. Hence, an EGF serum is a safer alternative than Retinol for someone with sensitive skin.

If your skin can tolerate Retinol, it is also a good idea to pair EGF and Retinol together as both are complementary ingredients. Retinol promotes faster cell turnover while EGF promotes cell growth, making the two ingredients an efficient pair. Apart from providing anti-ageing benefits, EGF soothes inflammation on the skin and prevents flare-ups caused by Retinol. It boosts hydration and counter-acts the thinning of the skin due to Retinol. Also, Retinol improves the penetration of EGF into the skin due to its thinning effect, making an EGF serum more effective. This powerful skincare duo might be the only anti-ageing product that your skin needs.

The Best Way To Use EGF and Collagen Peptides

The efficacy of collagen peptides, EGF, or any polypeptide is proportional to how well it penetrates the skin. Hence, choose an EGF serum or peptide cream instead of rinse-off products containing these ingredients. Unlike cleansers, serums and creams give the ingredients ample time to sink into the skin. These products work best as a part of the nighttime skincare routine when the skin is naturally in its regenerative mode.

Also, EGF and collagen peptides pair beautifully with in-clinic treatments such as microdermabrasion. Any salon treatment that exfoliates the skin allows better penetration of peptides into the skin, thereby improving their efficacy. Hence, a lot of skin procedures in boutiques are followed by the use of a topical EGF serum. The next time you visit a salon, ask your esthetician about the treatments that use EGF!

Hop Onto The Bandwagon Of This Skincare Trend!

As the skincare industry evolves, the focus has shifted to gentle products with long-term benefits as opposed to harsh ingredients that show immediate results. Collagen peptides for skin are an excellent example of mild ingredients that strengthen the skin from within. Instead of working superficially, they generate the building block of the skin, which is collagen.

So, are peptides safe? Absolutely! If you choose well-researched skincare products containing peptides, they are completely safe for the skin. Angel Face offers collagen-boosting treatments and products enriched with collagen peptides to provide you anti-ageing benefits. Visit the salon to experience the magic of these magical ingredients first-hand. Your skin will thank you for it!

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