Best Skincare Products For Dry Skin In Your 30s

Did you know that dry skin is the first to show the signs of ageing? Our guide to the best skincare for dry skin can help you prevent this!
February 19th, 2021

Dry skin is the most prone to redness, flakiness, and premature ageing if not treated with the right skincare products. Moreover, when you hit your 30s, your skin barrier further weakens, leading to additional dryness, texture, and fine lines. Hence, you need to invest in the best skincare for dry skin that moisturizes your skin and strengthens it to prevent ageing. Here is our list of best skincare products for dry skin in your 30s to help you customize your skincare routine.

#1 Cream-based Face Wash To Unclog The Pores

The golden rule for picking the best face wash for dry skin is to look for a cleanser that cleans the skin without making it “squeaky clean”. In other words, your face wash should unclog your pores without stripping away the moisture from your face. Here are some tips for selecting the right face wash.

Cream Face Wash vs. Gel Face Wash

A cream-based face wash is usually more suitable for dry skin than a gel face wash. This is because cream cleansers have a richer formula, and contain hydrating ingredients such as glycerin and ceramides. On the other hand, gel face washes are more suitable for oily skin and have a light, water-based formula. Therefore, look for a face wash that claims to be hydrating and has a rich, creamy texture.

Avoid These Ingredients In Your Face Wash

Dry skin is usually quite sensitive to fragrance and harsh surfactants. Hence, fragrance-free and SLS-free cleansers will work best for you. The best face wash for dry skin should also have a pH value of 5.5 so that it does not irritate the skin or damage the skin barrier.

#2 Hydrating Toners To Increase Moisture

If you are jumping directly from your cleanser to your moisturizer, you need to add a toner to your regimen. While oily skin loves exfoliating toners, hydrating toners are the best toners for dry skin. Try these tips for picking a good toner for dry skin in 30s; your skin will thank you for it!

How Do Toners Help Dry Skin?

Hydrating toners have a watery formula that is rich in soothing ingredients and humectants. They contain calming ingredients such as rose water, aloe vera, or centella, which reduce redness and irritation. They also contain hydrating ingredients or humectants such as glycerin and aloe, that absorb moisture from the environment and supply it to the skin. Hence, a hydrating toner is a must-have skincare product for dry skin.

The Best Toners For Dry Skin

The best toner for dry skin is one that is alcohol-free and not heavily perfumed. While denatured alcohol acts as an astringent and helps to shrink the pores, it can be extremely drying. Instead, look for a toner that contains soothing and nourishing ingredients such as aloe, centella extracts, peptides and ceramides. These ingredients will strengthen your skin barrier and make your skin soft and supple.

#3 Soothing Serums To Heal Dry Patches

The best skincare for dry skin in 30s involves layering different hydrating and calming products. Hence, when your skin is still damp from the toner, apply a layer of soothing serum on top

How Do Serums Help Dry Skin In Your 30s?

Serums have a high concentration of hydrating ingredients that prevent dryness and flakiness on naturally dry skin. Due to their thin consistency, they are also able to penetrate the skin and strengthen it from within. Hence, a serum works really well at strengthening the skin barrier and preventing early signs of ageing on dry skin.

The Best Serums For Dry Skin

The best serum for dry skin is the Angel Skin PDRN+MGF Power Serum. This hydrating serum is also packed with peptides that boost collagen production in the skin. It prevents dullness, dryness, fine lines and sagging skin, and is a must-have skincare product for Singaporean women in their 30s.

#4 Creamy Moisturizers For Hydration

You should always follow up your serum with a cream-based moisturizer. Do this while the skin is still damp from the serum to ensure that the cream locks all the hydration in place. Here are some tips on how to pick the best moisturizer for dry skin.

Why Do Cream-Based Moisturizers Work Better For Dry Skin?

A cream-based moisturizer is packed with emollients and occlusives that soften the skin and prevent moisture from escaping from the skin’s surface. Plant oils and butters are rich sources of these ingredients and can be found high up on the ingredient list of creams. These ingredients differentiate cream moisturizers from gel moisturizers, making the former more suitable for dry skin.

How To Moisturize Extremely Dry Skin?

A good cream moisturizer with natural oils and fatty alcohols will keep your skin soft and supple all day long. However, extremely dry skin requires extra attention in the form of hydrating facials. Angel Face provides the best facial treatments for dry skin in Singapore that offer the skin the intense hydration it needs.

#5 Face Oils To Seal The Moisture In

The best skincare for dry skin is incomplete without a face oil. Start using an oil as your final skincare step and you will notice softer, radiant skin within a week! Let’s find out why!

Why Do Face Oils Work Well For Dry Skin?

Unlike moisturizers that contain oils as a part of the formulation, face oils are concentrated oils that are rich in fatty acids and emollients. Hence, they add an extra layer of moisture and protection to dry skin, preventing wrinkles, dryness or flakiness.

Moreover, oils also add a natural sheen to the skin and work as beautiful primers under makeup. If your foundation clings to the dry patches on your skin, try using a face oil as a primer. Your makeup will look flawless like never before!

Best Face Oils For Dry Skin

Argan Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Jojoba Oil are some of the best face oils for dry skin. They will make your skin soft, supple and hydrated without feeling heavy or greasy. Use 2-3 drops all over your face and neck for the best results!

If you struggle with extremely dry skin and ageing is making it worse, visit Angel Face today for a personalized consultation. We will recommend you the best skin treatments and products for dry skin that will revive and rejuvenate your skin. So, leave all your skincare worries to us and enjoy youthful, supple skin with the help of our skin experts!

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