Mrs Singapore International Turned Beauty Entrepreneur

Prizing professionalism and quality above all else, award-winning beauty entrepreneur Ms Angeline Lim has built the Angel Face brand into a steadfast beauty treatment centre.

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The Journey

“Building Angel Face has been hard, especially due to the uncertainties that I faced when starting the business as a single founder, but my clients gave me motivation to keep pushing.”

As a solo founder, building a business was especially difficult. I am glad I had my clients’ support while I was helping them become better versions of themselves.

There are many different paths that we can take in life, but I chose to take the path less travelled in spite of the risks.

And that has made all the difference.

Today, we are proud to say that many of our customers are repeat customers who have returned, time after time.

We continue to invest in ourselves and our capabilities in order to serve our customers better.

We selectively choose quality products and treatments that are better than the market average because it will be better for our clientele.

Our Mission

“After nearly 2 decades in business, our mission remains the same: To help customers become better versions of themselves through curated, highly customised treatments and products.”

Our clients have remained steadfast and loyal because they know that we provide service excellence.

We provide customised beauty treatments with our own brand of beauty products in order to tailor to every skin type.

Your beauty, our duty.

We believe in upgrading technical knowledge and introducing the latest treatments to the customers.

Besides of using high end Growth Factor and Multi-Peptides products, we are also focused on using high end beauty equipment to achieve visible results such as skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and pigmentation problem.