Body Treatment

– Back blemish treatment
A clarifying treatment to decongest, lighten scar and effectively control black heads / breakouts.

– Back lightening treatment
Option of Machine – IPL / LHE OR
Manual – a lightening serum to even skin tone and a whitening mask for a whitening effect.

– Underarm whitening
A deep cleansing exfoliation to eliminate dead cells + whitening deep cleansing mask improving cell renewal for lighter skin tone.

– Detox / drainage
An ideal treatment to detox your body after heavy meal consumption or when you feel like giving your body a thorough drainage. Get rid of toxin in body , stimulating the body general metabolism. Feel lighter after the treatment.

– Spot toning / slimming
Ideal treatment for sagging tummy, oversize thigh, flabby upper arm and potatoes couch bottom. Specific spot toning is available. A program is recommended for desired result.

– A relax treat for the senses
A total body treatment to relax your mind, body + soft exfoliation for refine, soft skin texture.

– Revitalising + softening of skin
A total treatment to wake up your senses, energised your fatigue body + soft exfoliation for refine, soft skin texture.

– Sun burnt / sun damage treatment
A soothing treatment to repair your skin with lots of hydration. ( face & body ) . Prevent pigmentation as well.

– Bust treatment
Bust firming – to activate micro-cirulation and intercellular exchanges ; toning essential oil for firming followed by lifting mask.
Bust maintenance – Aids circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage, prevents bust lumpiness and women bust related problem.

– G5 / E – life / hot blanket
Slimming and body wrap – option of machine or manual accordingly to individual needs
Contour shaping and breaking down fats.