Beauty Tips

Facial Treatment Beauty Tips

1. How can I find out my skin type and choose products that are most suitable for my skin?
Ans: It is very rare to have a single skintype. Our skin is affected by environmental factors (eg pollution, sun, airconditioning, etc )as well as our lifestyle (eg stress, consumption of alcohol, late sleeping habits, etc).
At Angel Face, our therapist will make a precise diagnosis of your skin and will advise you on the most suitable products accordingly to your needs.

2. Is it Ok to use any other cleansers available in the market?
Ans: Cleansing is the most essential step towards having good skin. Choosing a good cleansing product will leave a good balanced PH of your skin, thus, enabling good product penetration, which means, you see better result of your skin.
Good cleanser shall not leave your face feeling taut as this will affect your skin ability to protect you from sun damages.

3. Can I use my face care products for my eyes?
Ans: It is not advisable. The eye contour area is a very delicate zone and you need specific eye product as the molecules of eye product is different from that of face care products. Specific eye products allow good penetration of the ingredients and it does not cause millia seeds to develop.

4. Is it necessary to use a neck cream?
Ans: Absolutely as the neck is very often neglected. Lines around the neck gives away your age. So, it is important to use a good neck cream so that both face and neck are well protected and look more youthful.

5. Do I need to use a sunblock?
Ans: Yes. UV rays are the most damaging external factors that can affect the condition of our skin. Constant exposure without good protection can lead to rough skin, dehydration, wrinkles, pigmented with uneven skin tone and sensitivity.
Choosing a good sunblock is very important (ie, it does not mean that the higher the SPF factor, the better it is ). Consult our professional therapists to guide you along.

6. When I visit the salon, I am always recommended a serum besides a moisturizer. Is this necessary?
Ans: Serum acts as a skin booster, especially when you have a skin disorder. A serum is 3x more effective than a moisturizer as it penetrates deeper and it treats your skin.
So, by applying a serum followed by a moisturizer, a synergy effect is achieved.

7. I have a good homecare regime. So, is it still necessary to have a facial regularly?
Ans: Skin renewal process slows down accordingly with age. From teenagers to late 20s’ , skin renews every 20 days on a complete cycle. Above 30s’ every 28 days. Above 40s’ this process is very much lengthened, can be up to 90 days. (depends on your skincare regime).
When your skin does not renew at optimal level, it will look dull , with no radiance , skin becomes thicker and wrinkles becomes deeper, skin gets drier. Your skin ages faster and the healing process are slowed down.
If you combine a regular facial with good homecare products, you will obtain synergy result and speed up your cell renewal process and tone up face muscle from slackening.
Skin that needs extra boost and radiance, a facial once every 3 weeks is recommended.
Skin with disorder, a more regular or intensive program will help the healing process.

8. I have very sensitive skin. Is it advisable to do facial?
Ans: It is important to choose the right beauty expert to seek advice. There are many types of sensitive skin and most of the time it relates to stress,genetic factors,allergies or environmental condition can also triggers. Our professional therapists at Angelface are able to give you the right treatment and home care to follow up.
It will help skin irritation to calm,sooth and strengthen.